Apple Pay Is Your New Wallet

Apple pay is your new wallet in the pocket. Believe it or not, it’s going to transform the way people make payments today as they will no longer require to carry credit cards physically or a wallet at all. The reason being apple pay converts your mobile into a wallet, which can make payments for all your purchases using your credit/debit card information. However, it can’t do that today due to limited retail outlets which accept the wallet but in the near future as more retailers join the bandwagon it will be acceptable everywhere.

Benefits you get when Apple pay is your new wallet:

Simple to make payment:

Once shoppers have their credit card stored in the iphone , they need only hold the phone near an NFC reader, approve the transaction with their fingerprint using iphone’s touch id, and the payment is processed within a couple of seconds


Since a credit card is not physically present, there’s less likelihood of a fraud from stolen credit card information. Moreover, apple does not use the credit card number for processing the payment but uses the token called the device account number to process the transaction, which reduces the chances of credit card details stolen.


Apple don’t track the shopper’s transactions and store the data instead it uses “DAN”, which makes the transaction even more private.

Better customer experience:

Apple is known for creating premier user experiences; the same is applicable with apple pay service. The service automatically selects the default card from passbook and for payments.

No extra fees on retailers:

Apple is not charging any fees from retailers or shoppers for this new service

Can make online payments:

you can also use apple pay to make payments with online stores that have partnered with apple pay. Again you just need touch id on your apple gadget to complete the process

Way to use apple pay :

Once you have accessed apple pay on your iPhone, hold your iPhone up to the contactless payment terminal near the cash register and “tap your touch id button to complete your purchase”. You don’t need to wake up your iPhone or launch passbook to use apple pay: Your phone wakes up as soon as it gets in range of a terminal and initiates the payment process.

How to set up apple pay on your apple gadget:

As long as your bank is offering apple pay, if you have your credit or debit card already linked up to your apple id for making iTunes and app store purchases, you can opt to keep using that card with apple pay. However, if the card you want to use is not already associated with your apple id you can add it by taping adds credit or debit card on your passbook in phone. You will be prompted to enter your apple id password. You have to add the information about your card or you can add the image of the card for details. After you have successfully added all your credit or debit cards to apple pay, simply head back into the settings and check the region eg. United States. Once you are done with this, restart your iphone again and you should be able to access apple pay along with the debit and credit card you’ve just added.

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