Ticwatch 2 Review – A Reliable SmartWatch at Bargain Price

The smartwatches market continues to be dominated by Android Wear and the Apple Watch. There are very few other players, which has been sTicwatchuccessful in ending up on users’ wrists. Ticwatch is one among these few, which started their journey from being a successful Kickstarter device that focused on providing premium features at an affordable price. The watch raised $2 million on Kickstarter last year making a splash in the smartwatch market by delivering the product with no major hiccups in the smartwatch reported by the users.

The TicWatch 2 basically performs all the activities every smartwatch does but at considerable half a price than likes of Apple Watch. It contains all the big features one would expect in a smartwatch in 2017. The smartwatch is light, slim and smart as well as comes in different styles. Further, Ticwatch 2 is compatible with both iOS and Android.

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The Key highlights of TicWatch – Buy Now

  • Light Weight: The biggest positive for ticwatch is its weight, which is lower compared to other wearables in the similar size range. This act as a real differentiator and shows its high-quality smartwatch. Plus, given the price range in which it’s been offered one can say its feel like getting the premium product at an affordable price.
  • Fitness Features: Ticwatch comes installed with three fitness devices i.e. heart rate sensor, GPS tracked Run, Pedometer. One can use the fitness app to track outdoor runs and walks, indoor runs, cycling and freestyle workouts.Ticwatch
    • Heart Rate Sensor: Installed at the back of the watch, it’s the same sensor that’s on the Apple Watch. The on-demand heart rate monitor is considerably accurate and tracks your HR as it fluctuates until you pause the session rather than giving a single reading.
    • GPS Tracked Run and Pedometer: Ticwatch GPS is available only for the purpose of usage in the fitness tracking applications. This works in combination with pedometer and the heart rate sensor to provide information during and after workouts.
  • Display Screen: Watch comes with 1.4 inch OLED display screen, which largely acts as a watch face. The screen has 400×400 resolution which is apt for a smartwatch. Also, it has good sharpness for reading text on it and doesn’t face any issues while reading in bright daylight. Further, the Ambient Display mode of ticwatch is very good. The only drawback pertaining to display is that it acts as a drain on the battery.
  • Style and Price: The smartwatch comes in four different style, which is as follow
  • Speaker and microphone: This combo is a big plus, which gives the watch the ability to both vibrate and make the sound for notifications. At this price point, it’s rare to find this combo in any watch.
  • Taking calls on the Watch: The combo is further useful in taking calls on the watch. This is true that you can take calls on the Ticwatch 2. The audio comes through the Bluetooth connection with dialer app giving access to recent calls and full number pad. The call quality is pretty good given the small size of the speaker on the Ticwatch.
  • Notifications: To check out the notifications, one just needs to swipe up on watch face in the same way as in a regular Android version. One can take action or respond to notifications like one do in any Android Wear with cTicwatchanned responses and voice dictation being the main methods. Quick settings can be accessed via a swipe down while accessing the voice control or the installed apps requires swipes from the left or right, respectively.
  • Wireless Charging: The watch doesn’t have charging points and uses wireless charging to charge itself, which is very fast.
  • Battery Life: Ticwatch 2 300mAh battery lasts just over one day or up to one and half day max. However, battery time reduces considerably if one is using GPS for fitness features as it drains power a lot. This is definitely a negative for this smartwatch as other rivals have been offering much higher battery life. However, given the price point at which this watch is being offered one should not be surprised.
  • Performance: In terms of performance Ticwatch 2 is very reliable and smooth in usage. We didn’t come across any touch issues or snappiness while using it. Also, users have not complained about anything as notifications and navigation has been made super easy with touch sensitive sides which works really well and doesn’t block the screen while navigating.
  • App Ecosystem: There is currently limited number of apps in the Ticwatch ecosystem. This is something which will get rectified once ticwatch gets more developer support.

Pros – Buy Now

  • Built-in ability to take calls and get notification sounds on top of vibrations
  • Watch is lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • One gets a premium design and features at an affordable price
  • Watch comes with touch-sensitive side, a unique way to navigate
  • Ability to take calls on the watch itself with an ease
  • Performance basic functions like notifications, responses, etc. very well
  • Friendly Android operating system


  • Watch ecosystem is still very young, which results in lack of large number of apps available
  • One day Battery life is below average in comparison to other smartwatches in the market
  • Software and performance need a little polish. However, with upgrades lined up this should not be an issue

Verdict – Buy Now

Ticwatch is among the best smartwatch available in the market.  Ticwatch 2 is an impressive all-rounder with capabilities of smartwatch, the design of a classic watch and a real differentiator in a market where every watch seems to be same. Yes, there is the drawback with regard to battery life and less number of apps, but it manages to get the basics down pretty well, with many of the features that you’d expect in a premium wearable coming at an affordable price. Making it an absolute Steal at the given price point.

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